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“Become a volunteer – encourage a child”

“Hristo Botev” Regional library has implemented the project with the support of “Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria” Foundation within the competition “The Library – a Center of the Local Community” in execution of the contract RD-00-249/08.12.2014 with the Ministry of Culture.
The Library’s partner is Child and Youth Development in Vratsa Association.
The main project goal is to implement a programme related to a summer work with children through organizing various activities with the support of volunteers.
Project activities: Summer Children Academy; Art-wokshop “Let’s Create Together”; Work with educational websites “Play and Learn”; Creation of a Center for volunteers as a part of the Regional Library.
Project duration: July – October 2015 

“The Magic of Books”

At present modern days, when we are more likely to use computers, it is indispensable that the book become an enchanting attraction for children, and the library – an attractive educational center for every child.
The purpose of the project aims at reconsidering the significance of books for child development by means of accumulating knowledge and introducing them to the process of book publication. What is more, it is about forming civil consciousness, behavior and attitude to books as a source of knowledge. Partnership between teachers, children, parents, writers, publishers, booksellers, librarians will be established. The activity of the child institution and its partners will be promoted.
The tasks of the project cover enhancing the knowledge and the child experience about the process of book creation, provoking interest towards the book, enriching the notions related to the significance of the books, etc.
The children are supposed to acquire knowledge about the authors and the ways they can reach them. They will realize the purpose and the benefit of the book as an essential factor in children’s lives and activities.

Center for Information and Communication Dolj-Vratsa

“Hristo Botev” Regional Library is a partner on a project of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation Programme. Jointly with Dolj County Council – a leading partner, County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman", Craiova and Vratsa District Administration we are about to create Romanian-Bulgarian cultural and information centers on the territory of the city of Vratsa and Craiova whose aim is to provide citizens from both cross border areas with free access to means of communication – IP telephones, Internet and videoconferencing. This is a prerequisite for both communities to become familiar with the lifestyle and culture of the population of the neighbouring country as well as the opportunities for developing tourism and business relations. They will also be capable of discussing and solving common problems. We’ve developed a common web portal between the two biggest public libraries in both cross border areas – Vratsa and Dolj, which is secured with free access for the Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to the valuable digital heritage of both librarian collections. “Hristo Botev” Regional Library has digitalized 5 collections from the Local History Department:

1.     A collection of photocards and photos from the past of the Vratsa Region;

2.     A collection of authentic folklore records from the region, which have been stored on video or audio media;

3.     A collection of local periodical publications;

4.     A series “Native Place” – collections covering folklore materials from the entire Vratsa Region – 10 publications and a series “Heritage” – collections comprising materials, presented throughout the years during Regional Local History Conference “The Past of Our Native Place – a Message to the Future” – 4 publications.

5.     Valuable collection depicting the life and deeds of Hristo Botev.

The project was launched in March, 2013. Its total cost is € 3 280 442,62. € 206 698,03 out of them will be spared for activities at “Hristo Botev” Regional Library.

Project duration: 30 months.

“Zdrave” (“Health”) Information Center

In June, 2013, Vratsa Regional Library launched a project of a total amount of BGN 6186, as BGN 5000 out of them are granted by “Global Libraries – Bulgaria” Programme. The project involves information campaign directed towards students and teachers from two schools within the boundaries of the city which are our project partners – “Hristo Botev” Secondary School and “Ivancho Mladenov” Primary School. The main purpose is to enhance knowledge and  awareness among students and their parents in relation to the dangers which the obesity leads to, how to live and eat healthy, which foods and habits are harmful and bad, ways to fight overweight, the benefit from the regular sports activities and other topics related to the problem with overweight and obesity. This purpose will be achieved by means of:

1.     3 conversations with students aged 11-14 years. The conversations will be carried out by specialists from Regional Health Inspectorate- Vratsa – our 3rd partner. The main topics which will be presented cover: “Overweight and Obesity-related Health Problems”; “Healthy eating” and “Healthy way to live”.

2.     Developing and maintaining a website, on which we’ll upload useful information and respond to customers’ requests.

3.     4 information leaflets.100 copies of each leaflet, which will be disseminated among the parents of the students from both schools and will be uploaded on the website of the project.

Presentations on health topics created by students aged 11-14 years. These presentations will be presented in front of students aged 7-10 years at the halls of the Regional Library.

Primary School Student Motivation for Learning Activities

“Hristo Botev” Regional Library is a project partner of the Comenius Regio Partnerships Programme jointly with Regional Inspectorate of Education – Vratsa, St. Sofroniy Vrachanski Primary School and Hristo Botev Secondary School. The project covers the topic “Primary School Student Motivation for Learning Activities”. Project partners are Inspectorate of Education – city of Erzincan, Turkey, Regional Library – Erzincan, Private primary school, Erzincan, Turkey.
General objective: Developing and exchanging good practices oriented towards enciting motivation among students from the primary school in learning activities through support and collaboration between educational and other institutions for ensuring quality education of the students from the primary school.
Specific goals:

-        The participants in the project will acquire knowledge and skills in order to apply successful methodological approaches and models to motivate students from the earliest school age for learning activities.

-        To provide students from the primary school with quality education by improving their motivation for learning activities.

-        To enhance the individual and institutional capacity of workers and teachers from educational and related institutions by exchanging good EU practices.

-        The participants in the project will become familiar with the educational system of the Partners and will develop skills and abilities to cooperate and interact to ensure quality education for new and united Europe.

The project is thematically divited into:

-        Peculiarities and uniqueness of the primary school period and the necessity for motivation for studying.

-        Methods for increasing student motivation.

-        Collaboration between school and other institutions, which have direct relation to school education, directed towards spreading motivation for learning activities among students from primary schools.

The topics are interrelated and interweave an effective model for motivating students to learn and build key competence “acquiring learning skills”, in particular, developing reading skills through collaboration between regional authorities, Regional Inspectorate of Education, schools and library.

Project duration – 2 years.

The Art and the Computer in a Joint Effort for Supporing the Different Ones

          The project goal is socializing and integrating children with special educational needs with the help of the Library. Main activities will be as follows:

-        To provide trainings for children with special educational needs to work with computers and acquire basic knowledge and skills by means of specialized software;

-        To introduce children with special educational needs to the fine art world. Librarians will train and support children during the process of drawing, cutting, gluing, applicating. The best items will be exhibited;

-        To create a bilingual film (both in Bulgarian and English), as for the purpose all the project activities will be shooted with a camera, and then, the most interesting and curious moments will take part in the film.

Project partners are Hristo Botev Regional Library and Resource Center for supporting integrated training and education of children and students with special educational needs, Vratsa. The pilot stage duration of the project is from May to December, 2012. The activities are financed by the “Global Libraries – Bulgaria” Programme and “Hristo Botev” Regional Library, Vratsa. The total amount of the project is BGN 2740.

Photo albums presenting the project activities can be seen at here.
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